Specialist Knowledge, Personalized Service

At ColorWash, we understand that the bags and shoes brought in to us are special to you, and each of our range of services is tailor-made to the specific requirements of each bag/shoes, as well as to your individual needs.

When you bring your bag/shoes in, each item is individually assessed by our team of experienced specialists, who are trained in the most effective and current methods of cleaning and coloring. This consultation process happens right at the beginning before you make any decision about the care of your bag. In addition to cleaning and coloring, we can also repair your bag/shoes to suit your needs.

This personalized service and attention ensures that your bag/shoes is treated to the most appropriate care for its individual make, rather than a general wash or color. We also strive to provide total solutions for the bag/shoes you bring in, whether it is to recommend an alternative solution to conceal a permanent stain that cannot be removed through cleaning, or find the perfect button for a repair. Our service approach also means our experts will give honest advice regarding the care of your bag/shoes, not pushing unnecessary services or promising results that cannot be achieved.

ColorWash cleaning specialists are trained to meticulously clean each and all parts of your bag/shoes, inside and outside. Cleaning agents are carefully chosen according to the specific requirements of the constituent materials of your bag/shoes to achieve the best results and to ensure that your bag is protected from damage during the cleaning process.

Our coloring specialists are trained to have a keen eye to select and mix colors that will re-produce a close match to the original color of your bag/shoes. Colors are custom-made to suit your preference and the previous color of the item. They are then applied with precision control by the color specialist to ensure a beautiful finish.

Our extensive knowledge and years of experience, as well as our dedication to service, have made ColorWash a leading expert in the field of bag and shoe care.