Keeping Your Leather Arm Candy In Tip Top Condition This Summer

Saying that the summer weather can be harmful to your precious bags and shoes is an understatement. Gemma GIL, founder of ColorWash, gives you a few tips to help you stop this attack.

Though Singapore holds summer weather all year round, mid-year is presumably the hottest it can get. At this time, there are two elements to watch out for; heat and humidity, the main culprits causing fungus and mould on leather.

To avoid this problem, store your leather possessions in dry places. Stuff newspaper (wrapped in tracing paper) into the bag during storage. Following this top tip also helps maintain the shape of the bag. Alternatively, you may also put charcoal bags into your prized bags which can be purchased at ColorWash outlets at $9.90 a piece (which is reusable to a maximum period of 3 months after occasional re-drying it under the sun).

Another summer plague, the hot sun; the UV light on your bag and shoes is as harmful on the material as it is to your skin. Natural leather material suffers color oxidization which basically means the color turns yellowish and looks faded.

Your vaccine against this would be to avoid storing bags in areas that are directly exposed to sunlight. As an extra precaution, keep the bag or shoes away from all lights as any kind of light causes a speeding up in the oxidation process and this is especially important for light-colored bag and shoes.

Watch out for your pretty patent leather bags as well. Patent leathers are heavily coated with enamel, hence having heat on this material over a considerable period of time can cause the material to melt and be sticky. Always polish your precious patent leather items using patent polish agent after use and store in a cool and dry place.

What’s a summer without frolicking under the inviting sunshine? But do take caution – hot weather causes people to perspire. Perspiration causes natural leather to get darker and dirtier faster. Bare skin causes more harm to the material than you think, so be careful to avoid as much contact as possible, especially in hot weather.

This tip has nothing to do with our wonderful weather but everything to do with you, you, you! Always be extra careful with your bags; avoid carelessness as much as possible, be it spilling food or drinks. To be on the safe side, try the water protection treatment at ColorWash before an accident occurs. Well, no one can foresee an accident! If your prized bag and shoes encounter any misfortune, bring it to ColorWash quickly and we can advise on how to minimize the damage. After all, besides doing what we do, ColorWash wants you to enjoy your beautiful bags!

Finally, a few speedy DIY tips:

  1. Do clean regularly with proper leather care kit.
  2. Do protect your bags against color transfer from jeans and vice versa. (Especially protect your white shirts from any dark colored bags with suede or leather.)
  3. Don’t store/stack your bags directly next to each other.
  4. Never try to remove stains on your own. Always consult a cleaning expert as removing stains on your own could end up with more damage.
  5. Don’t leave your bags under the sun or rain.
  6. Lastly, use it frequently! You don’t want your prized passions to simply gather dust and fungi over time, do you?

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