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Understanding and Managing Mold

Fungus is a microscopic substance that exists in the air around us all the time. It is neither plant nor animal nor bacteria; it is a separate type of living organism altogether.

Mold is a type of fungus. It can measure from two to 10 microns in diameter, and hence virtually invisible to the naked eye. When multiple mold spores grow closely together they then become visible as they spread rapidly across a surface, penetrating beneath the surface of the affected material.

Mildew can be described as a specific type of mold. It has flat growth that remains on the surface where it can be easily removed.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to combat mold:


  • Control humidity between 40 to 50% in storage areas. This can be done by ensuring proper ventilation and keeping your items in an air-conditioned environment
  • Clean your item before storage
  • Use a clean brush to scrub off as much of the mold as possible outdoors Dip a cloth in leather cleaner and rub the affected areas. Allow your item to dry fully
  • Remove dustbags and boxes
  • Stuff it with recycled newspaper wrapped in clean paper when not in use


  • Never wipe with a damp cloth as doing so promotes mold growth
  • Never stuff soft toys or pillows inside the handbag for storage
  • Never place mothballs nearby as its odor might remain permanently
Caring for your bags and shoes Tips
Gemma Gil
By Gemma Gil
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