Our HD Transparent Coating  is the most advanced protective coating for leather and fabric items today. It drapes your bags and shoes at the molecular level with an invisible silicone shield, making it twice as effective as any coating out there.

How silicone shield works with your wallets, bags and shoes

  • Prolongs material lifespan by fending off abrasions, heat and  UV light
  • Renders the material more supple
  • Promotes a soft and luxurious appearance
  • Wicks away moisture and heat so the item can breathe
  • Repels water to prevent stains and cracks
  • Prevents oxidation and discoloration

The benefits of molecular-level protection

  • Denser coverage: You get more protective particles per square inch
  • Seamless protection: More surface contact points means protection for even the smallest seams, stitches and zips
  • Enables movement: Even the softest fibers like suede retain their natural fluidity

Transparent coating protects all leather (especially metallic and patent distressed leather) and minimizes color transference.

Water protection coats bags and shoes with a water-resistant layer that minimizes water damage.

All bags and shoes are individually assessed by ColorWash’s specialists before recommendations for the most appropriate care are made.


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